Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thys is 5

My previous annual tradition that I am reviving: sending a cybernote to Thys' birthparents on his birthday:

To the woman in China, near Dianjiang, who gave birth to a boy on or around September 26, 2006 (and the man who fathered him):

He is turning 5 tomorrow.
And just so you know:
He has two pet goldfish, named "male" and "female."
He asks about you often, would like to tell you, "hi," and wants to meet you someday.
He asks us why you gave him up. We do our best to explain.
He is in Kindergarten. His best friend's name is "Spencer."
He wears Spiderman tennis shoes religiously.
He loves to be goofy. He loves to laugh. He's a jokester.
And loud.
Right now he's wearing a cotton headband and looks like a cross between Jackie Chan and Richard Simmons.
We will celebrate him tomorrow. And I like to think that you will too. I like to picture you in China, thinking of him. Wondering how he is. And sending some positive vibes and prayers to lend to his success and happiness. And. Maybe even lighting a candle in his honor.
As I write, he's in the backyard yelling at the neighbors, "In one day my birthday is going to come!"
And he has a ghost painted on each cheek.
He is loved.