Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things that happen when you plan to move to Canada...

Oh, the madness.
Clearly impeding my ability to write much. Or at all.
I'm busy lamenting the impending changes I must endure: finding new doctors, new schools, a new house, new stylist, new dry cleaner, new phone company, new Church, new friends, new stuff to do with the boys all summer.... (If we weren't moving, I'd have them already enrolled in at least three different summer camps! WHAT am I going to do?!?) So, yes, enjoying my last few weeks of respite work.
And. I'm grieving the loss of Denver's many treasures: My twin baby nephews, my friends from way back, my Sunday rituals, the hiking, the liquor stores (open all the time!), the many houses I can drop in to visit without notice, and Nordstrom....
And praying that our new neighbors aren't stupid, messy, creepy, or too loud past 10 p.m. Or before 6 a.m.
These are little things. Inconsequential in the big picture of it all. Granted. Yet. I still think about them, worry about them, and pray about them.
Truly, I am trying to imagine the best--a bright future filled with wonderful people, great opportunities, and memories that will help ease the pain of the ones I'm losing now.
But people really are stupid. I've heard the most ridiculous things of late.
First of all, everyone that hears we're moving has a relative that has visited Canada. That they must tell me about. This smacks about as asinine as someone telling me about their recent bowel movement. I really don't care.
Better yet are the people who like to name drop. "You're moving to Canada? Ohhhhh! I LOVE William Shatner!"
Or, "Sara McLachlin is my favorite singer. I listen to her all the time."
Yes, undoubtedly I will be in book clubs or go to Church with both of them. I am seriously questioning the ability of the American school systems. It is as if none of these humans I've recently encountered have ever seen a map.
True story: Crying about losing my easy access to Nordstrom, one of the sales clerks said, "Oh, don't worry, you can just drive down to Seattle."
Ya, that'll only take me about four days.
I know. You are likely debating which is more pathetic: Me crying over no more Nordstrom versus the idiot who failed geography.
A bit bitter here perhaps. But trying to be honest. I'm not going to pretend to be all perky about this monumental shift in my life. That would be a lie. Yes, I'm looking forward to it, but also yes, I'm sad. Really sad sometimes.
I spoke to our new mortgage lender on the phone yesterday. He said, "So, you're move is getting really close, eh?" And I did. I giggled.