Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am officially a student again.
Yes, my endeavors have begun.
I am all consumed in re-learning the language of academ-ese. I must now use words like empirical, somatic, heuristic and incommensurable. Don't be afraid. I have plenty of fear for us all.
I am in the midst of an intensive month-long inculcation of my discipline and all that means a Ph and D.
And because I knew it would be intense, I warned my family that I would not be present this month. They braced themselves. They promised to help out. I avowed not to notice.

No less than the following things have occurred in the past two weeks:
-I was in a car accident, I'm fine, but it took out my AC and it is hot, hot here folks. I'm talking Hades in the sauna.
-My six-year old took a dive off a trampoline, causing a long night in the ER.
-Our puppy decided to start eating EVERYTHING and puking it up EVERYWHERE, but especially on the few carpeted areas in the house.
-Our house AC konked (did I mention that it is fucking hot here?)
-My father-in-law took a dive down his stairs and broke his neck. Yes he did. No news on this front just yet, but it looks hopeful thus far (he's moving already).
-one of my new colleagues spilled water on my computer and now it does this ////////////////////////////// for hours on any document I'm typing.

And these all seem rather insignificant in light of a broken neck, don't they? Thanks for the perspective. I like having conversations with people even when they're not around. Sometimes I come back from a long walk and I tell my husband that we had a fight and he won.

I hope to return more after July.
Nice seeing you.