Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elegant pick-up lines for your Valentine

"Hello, Ms. V? Would you mind telling me the prompt for the 2nd grade writing assignment that brought this beauty home?"

I can only guess--Write about...

-Phrases you've heard recently on the playground?
-Things NOT to say to your teacher?
-Ways to get to second base?
-Sayings that sound awkward coming from a 2nd grader?
-Things that will guarantee an adult will NOT get a date?
-Titles of Justin Bieber songs?
-Sayings you hope to get tattooed on your bicep someday?
-Things that will make your Mother panic?
-Sayings that should be on candy hearts?

Which, by the way, my son is in love with....

Himself. Yes, after the teacher told him they could draw one special Valentine card during class today, he addressed it
TO: me
FROM: me (Myles)
As if he wouldn't remember who "me" was (huh, who's this from? oh ya, me.)
No lack of self-confidence here.

And this one from my five-year old. Caption anyone?


  1. because of the odd way my mind works, my initial reaction was that the 100 year old drawling is very phallic. (if that was inappropriate I apologize)

    but, in the eyes of a 5 year old, clearly at 100, you are taller but not necessarily happier. and... you are bald.

    1. Hilarious! No apology necessary. At all. That was, in fact, the point. And I'm the last person in the world to cringe at something inappropriate:) Thanks for commenting.