Monday, July 9, 2012

baptism by waterfall

If you move to Canada,
you may want to jog early each morning
(early before the sticky tourists violate the beauty and try to steal it with their fancy lenses)
and you will get to Table Rock
where you can look at the water and try to comprehend its allure:
As if you are a droplet
fumbling into the unknown
It may assuage any feelings of importance you may have
it may stroke your ego with a soothing peace
it may force you to a place of humility and smallness
it may cause you to wonder how often humans have stolen beauty in the name of safety...
Then one time you might go there
and you might peer over the edge to collect this daily reminder
and the wind will shift
and you will be shrouded by the cloud of heavy mist
and you might laugh
(and passersby may think you silly or insane)
and you will feel refreshed
after being baptized by the water that should go down but has risen up to embrace you...
and as you finally turn around to leave
to enter your life post-baptism
you will see a rainbow
and you will laugh again
and maybe cry
and wonder what change has taken over.

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