Monday, October 17, 2011


Does this even need commentary?
This is a picture of a priceless piece produced by my then-1st grader. When I first saw it, I was worried that he was having an affair with his teacher, since she complimented his work, and commented on the size. Call Social Services! Then I quickly remembered that his teacher has the same sense of humor as my full-length mirror: unrelenting and rarely in use.
Then I realized that she was writing stock answers on all of her papers. Yes, that was it. Surely I know this trick well. But. Then I became paranoid that I had unknowingly missed an equally disturbing comment on a recent paper I'd graded. Oh, the therapy this child needs. An exhibitionist! In my house!
Finally, I read the top of the paper where he finished the sentence with "collection" followed by a period.
Yet another lesson on the importance of punctuation. Or lack thereof.

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  1. Just noticed that the name of the story (at the bottom of the page) is, "Ira Sleeps Over." And, according to your son, Reggie's first plan for the evening is to show his junk. And somebody else likes to tease Ira. Wow--It gets worse and worse. Now I can understand why you had him switch schools!
    Thanks for sharing--I'm happy now. = )