Thursday, October 13, 2011

life without a computer

A few weeks ago, I asked Thys to come and look at a screen on my computer (my new Macbook, which I love more than, well, chocolate). And on his way to the viewing, he tripped (have I mentioned that this child falls on his face while eating dinner? Regularly?) Oh, and he had a large, full glass of water in his hands. Yes. Said water landed on the most important part of my Mac: it's crotch. Done. Goodbye.
I confess: I almost cried.
The not-so-handsome boys/men at the Mac store (which, I've learned, you need to make an appointment to see several hours ahead of time) said that they "liked my smile" and decided to fix it for free. For free. The paperwork suggests that it costed more than $800. And. I am fundamentally opposed to warranties. Or maybe just cheap. So I am one lucky gal. With a great smile. Thank God.
All this to say, I have been computer free for a few weeks. But I harbor no pain. Now that it's back.
Life is good.
But, since I can, I must vent my weekly frustrations:
-If one more single (and by single, I do mean a human without dependents) person complains to me about how BUSY they are, I will punch them in the stomach.
-One of my uber-annoying colleagues called me, "homey" today. She about got a punch as well.
-I asked a student to put away his earbuds the other day, and he said, "F*** you, Bitch" At least he got my title correct.
-Then, I asked another student to take a quiz, (I know, I know, I am so unreasonable) and he replied, "this is bullsh**"
-I don't exactly love my job right now.
-But. I have my Mac back. Life is good.

Male and Female (the goldfish) were recently flushed. Thank you Disney for creating the movie, Flushed Away, which gave my story about a happier place below ground much more credibility.

Trying to keep it simple here.
Brian, junk post coming soon. Stay tuned.
Peace out, homeys. (I don't even think I'm spelling that correctly)

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  1. Sorry I haven't checked your blog lately, but I've been REALLY busy. = ) Actually, I've thought of you several times lately...I've been on an Indigo Girls kick the past month or so, and my latest addiction is Baileys mixed with vanilla frozen yogurt--Both of these make me happy and remind me of you.
    Can't wait to see the junk!