Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks for that

Because I was too busy yesterday drinking the punch I was assigned to contribute to the festivities of the day (okay, yes, mine was mostly vodka with a bit of punch).

For health, wealth (relatively speaking), and wisdom (not mine, but others)...
For laundry, hot water, and Clorox wipes.
For pens that work, fresh paper, and new books.
For warm coats, clean socks, and cozy comforters.
For my new mac, icloud, and googledocs.
For my faithful and godly and humble and funny and integrous husband. The one who loves me.
For laughter. In abundance.
For new babies. New life: refreshing and inspiring. Offering hope and promise.
For friends. Old and new. Inside jokes, memories of deep scars and fresh insights.
For yellow labs. Especially those in their last year. Snuggles and joy.
For cars that haven't broken down, faucets and heat that work, and plenty of food in the fridge.
For two beautiful boys who bring me more pain and joy than I ever thought possible.
For teachers that teach. And love. And keep trying and smiling.
For vodka and other forms of substance that help me endure those rough days.
For words. Long conversations, texts, books, heart-wrenching stories of endurance and hope.
For phones and letters that allow such words.
And, mostly, for love. That I receive in abundance and keep trying to give.

These are my thanks.

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