Saturday, January 7, 2012

Living content with not much of much of anything, part 2

Had to take down the Christmas decorations today. I thought I felt a bit of Willie's "content" -edness when I laughed, once again, at the hilarity of our decorations... (oh yes, and you can laugh at my kitchen as well. Laughter is precisely why I have it so retro).
Exhibit #1: The boys love these obnoxious snowflakes, this one hangs from the light at our kitchen table.
Exhibit #2: The boys and I made snowflakes. And. Of course! We had to tape them on the front window.
Exhibit #3: The Nativity Scene meets Toilet Paper Rolls (and a little flannel). I'm absolutely crazy about this little set. I don't believe that you can purchase it anywhere. Not even Nordstrom. Baby Jesus went missing a few weeks ago, but we found him behind the couch in the basement (with some additional accroutrements) Someone (Thys) needed a little alone time with Jesus, apparently. "Myles" the angel stood gaurd. No worries.
Exhibit #4: I know. I know. You're wondering where you can purchase such a beauty. You can't. It's not even available online.
But. I love it. And it made me smile for a month. Every time I went to the front door. Which really isn't often. Only to put out and check the mail and scare away the occasional knocker.
Goodbye Christmas decorations, Christmastime in Denver, and cookies. Who knows where we'll unpack you next year.

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